Massage pageAt Awaken Wellness, we understand the importance of thorough communication between a client and therapist. In order for a session to be most effective, a client’s individual needs must be addressed. For this reason, a buffer time is worked into every appointment so a client never feels rushed off the table and always receives the full time amount of massage that has been scheduled. Our therapists have training in a range of modalities and are compassionate to a client’s goals, performing a thorough intake before the massage, as well as offering suggestions to help alleviate any issues afterward. We also offer products at the center such as high quality bath salts, foam rollers, vitamins and supplements that can be added to your health and wellness regime. Furthermore, we routinely hold workshops to educate and teach you how to stay healthy and well.

Massage has been utilized as a form of therapy and healing for thousands of years. Though widely used and accepted in other cultures for centuries and sometimes millennia, massage has only fairly recently grown in popularity in the US. As familiarity with and understanding of this powerful tool of wellbeing spreads, it is quickly becoming a sought after treatment, working its way into many settings, including medical offices and hospitals. Many individuals have already found it to be an important component to routine care and wellbeing, as well as a tool to assist healing from injuries.

The benefits of massage range from improvement of specific physiological functions to mental relaxation and emotional and stress relief. Some of the most commonly reported effects of massage include: decreases stress and anxiety; deep  relaxation; less muscle spasms and cramping; improved circulation and lymph drainage, inhanced immune system, improved flexibility, and reduced scar tissue. Massage is an excellent tool for athletes, professional and casual, in training, pre- and post-event sessions, injury or event recovery, and for general maintenance.

In conjunction with massage therapy, Awaken Wellness’s other services have proven to be extremely beneficial to many clients. In order to tackle an issue fully, some clients will choose to have an acupuncture session preceding or after a massage, allowing both treatments to be even more thorough and effective. Additionally, yoga classes help to improve mental and physical functions, and health coaching and Chinese herbs guide decisions relating to health and wellbeing, assisting people in becoming the healthiest individuals they can be, inside and out!

Please download and complete the Massage Intake Form before your initial massage appointment.