What is yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy is a holistic healing modality tailored to an individual’s specific condition and needs.  Yoga therapy uses the tools and teachings of yoga to empower individuals toward improved health and well-being.

What conditions does yoga therapy address?

Managing Stress, Sleep issues, Anxiety, Depression, Back pain, Chronic pain,, Low energy/fatigue, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Auto-immune conditions

What are some of the tools of yoga that are practiced in yoga therapy sessions?

Movement, breath work, visualization, mindfulness, and meditation are some of the tools of yoga used in an individualized way to help support the healing process, as well as manage client symptoms, and build resilience.

How is yoga therapy different from going to a group yoga class?

Yoga therapy sessions are one-on-one, and have a home practice component.  A home practice helps clients take an active role in their healing process and is self-empowering. The therapist customizes an appropriate yoga practice and offers support, guidance and review.

Pricing Options

15 Minute Consultation (To get questions answered)
Initial 90 Minute Yoga Therapy Appointment $150
60 Minute Follow Up Session $85

Packages for Yoga Therapy
Introductory Yoga Therapy Package $270
(Initial 90 minute diagnostic 2 follow ups.)

Four 60 Minute Sessions $280
(Only $70 per session)

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