A Wellness Center with a Community focus

Posted By Laura Strunk On July 1, 2010, In Featured,Health & Wellness,People

jenI often come in contact with many businesses through my job and feel that most have good customer service or deliver a good product.  However, it is rare that I find one that also understands the importance of connecting with and supporting the community. Jennifer Stukey owner of Awaken Wellness Center has created a wellness center that not only provides therapeutic treatments but also provides support to the Howard County community.  I am so very excited to introduce to you Jennifer and Awaken Wellness.

The Awaken Wellness Center consists of a group of professionals that offers yoga classes, massage therapy, acupuncture, and a Chinese herbal pharmacy.  Practicing acupuncture for six years, Jennifer was originally was located in the same buildings as Lynn’s Day Spa.  However, two years ago Jennifer’s business experienced a tragic and radical change.  The building caught fire and she was forced to move.  Jennifer had already been formulating a business plan for a wellness center, but did not feel she was ready.  When the fire happened, she looked at it as an opportunity instead of focusing on the tragedy.  Jennifer accelerated her time line for her wellness center and 11 months later opened the doors to Awaken Wellness Center.

The Awaken Wellness Center is a great space with a very inviting feeling.  The decor is relaxing without going overboard on the design elements.  There is a large yoga room, multiple treatment rooms, and (my favorite part) the Chinese herbal pharmacy.  I had never seen a pharmacy like this.  Jennifer explained that there is a big difference between Western herbal pharmacies and Chinese herbal pharmacies.  In Western herbal pharmacies, the herbs are never combined.  People receive a one-herb treatment, which can be one-dimensional in the treatment benefits.  In Chinese herbal pharmacies, the herbs are combined to maximize the benefits of the treatment to the individual.  The speed of results from this type of treatment is often accelerated over the Western herbs because it is more complete.  The highlight of my tour was the pharmacy room.  It contained shelves neatly lined with boxes, bins, and containers; my [3]imagination went wild with all types of exotic herbs.

yogaHowever, the piece that impressed me the most about the Awaken Wellness Center and Jennifer’s vision is that she wants to reach out to the community as much as she can.  Throughout the center you see art work hanging on the wall.  Jennifer explained that every season she showcases a different local artist in her center, and promotes and holds a mini-art show, open to the community, for the artist.  The Awaken Wellness Center also holds Free Weeks for the community.   During these times they offer free yoga classes, free wellness workshops, free group acupuncture, and free acupuncture consultations.  The Summer Free Week is going on right now, June 28 through July 4.  The Fall Free Week will be Sept. 10 through Sept. 26.  Other ways they support the community include sponsoring the Ulman Cancer Fund, Altholton High School Basketball team,  Howard Healthy Day, Columbia Triathalon, and the Iron Girl Run.  Giving back to the community in healthy ways, Awaken Wellness Center hopes to be viewed as a community resource when it comes to your health and wellness.

I urge all of you to visit the Awaken Wellness Center during one of the Free Weeks or for your own treatment.  They are a special business that is going to do great things for their clients and the community.  Awaken Wellness Center is located at 7130 Minstrel Way, Suite 160, in Columbia.  You can phone them at (410) 312-9922 or go to www.AwakenWellnessColumbia.com.  You can also follow them on Facebook.

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