Shiatsu-PageShiatsu (pronounced shē-ät'-soo) is a complete system of healing bodywork that combines traditions from Chinese and Western massage. Shiatsu technique involves gentle stretching and light hand and finger pressure along specific energy pathways on the body. Treatments can improve overall blood circulation, posture, and energy flow in a patient. By helping to achieve a more balanced, relaxed, and vital state of being, shiatsu can help restore health and prevent disease.

Shiatsu is performed fully clothed without the use of oils. Thus, many people feel an added level of comfort compared with many western massage traditions. Shiatsu is a relaxing and peaceful experience. The massage is performed in a gentle, empathetic manner, allowing the recipient to feel tranquil, calm, and comfortable.

“Shiatsu therapy is a form of manipulation administered by the thumbs, fingers, and palms, without the use of any instrument, mechanical or otherwise, to apply pressure to the human skin, to correct internal malfunctioning, promote and maintain health, and treat specific diseases.”
- Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare